Shapesmiths CrossFit® Program Update June 2022

Read on for your programming update on what to expect over the coming weeks in the Shapesmiths CrossFit® program! 

Following on from the previous 6-week block, as promised we progress the back squat work, add in some more front squats (which has huge carry over to Cleans), shoulder to overhead and start to include Deadlifts to accompany LOTS of ‘pulling’ from the ground

The above is all in preparation for a Benchmark workout called ‘The Shapesmiths Total’ (TST) which will be on the program in the subsequent 6 week block.  TST will test your front squat, deadlift and push press. This is a variation on the classic CrossFit® Total which has Deadlift, Squat and Strict Press.  

We like the push press as a test in our total because of the crossover to many other shoulder to overhead elements. By simply incorporating a Push Press into our total it also removes the temptation that comes with the strict press, to bend at the knees and hips to get a boost. 

Speaking of the push press…

The next six weeks see’s plenty of barbell pressing. But watch out for handstand push up work and dumbbell pressing as well as ring dips. They will all have huge carry over to your push press with a barbell as the are similar in movement pattern.  Even kettlebell windmills will help your lockout overhead! 

An old saying in CrossFit® is ‘Everything is everything’ and it certainly is when it comes to movement patterns in CrossFit® benefiting each other via the universal motor recruitment pattern.

Some further themes:

– Gymnastics Development: Toes to Bar & Knees to Elbow. We are prepping you this cycle for a benchmark workout called ‘Robin’

– Barbell Cycling and hitting some intensity. Unbroken Power cleans for example provide a huge challenge on Thursday of this week. It’s important that you modify/scale to an appropriately challenging weight!

Top Tip: for those who are looking to develop strength, you can use this WOD to do just that. Plan your jumps for the P) section of the warm up so you can test yourself a little in sets of 2-3 reps and be at WOD weight within 8:00

For example if your 1RM is 100KGs…when the 8:00 starts, begin with 60KGs for a set of 3 x 2, then hit 70KG for 2 x 1, 80KG x 2 reps, 85KG x 2 reps x 2 sets before heading back down to WOD weight, around 50-60KG for. the set of 10 if you think that is do-able for 4 rounds.

Often you will find there is time to build and get in some heavier reps in the P) section of the warm up. Another example was the workout Poison Ivy, coming up in two weeks on Tuesday. Plenty time to build your OHS and challenge yourself as long as you plan your jumps and know your numbers. Always room to use an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) if you are not quite up to date on your numbers.

– A Strength/Heavy Day is coming on Monday of next week! Strict Press and Strict Pull Up day is an ideal day to develop press and pulling for the Shapesmiths total and also for those who want to get a strong pull up foundation!

Read more why we program heavy days at Shapesmiths here;

– Further themes (which have also been consistent in every program block since 2016) include covering off the seven ways the body moves, each week:

Squat – Hinge- Push/Pull – Flex Extend – Rotate & Twist – Run – Jump

We build around these seven themes with classic CrossFit® exercises, to make several couplets, triplets, chippers and more!


Ever wondered what R)AM)P) sections of our warm up stand for? Read all below!

Happy Wodding, fitness friends!!



So you’re doing the CrossFit Open, Rx?!

Box Jumps in the CrossFit Open

Earlier this week I shared the article: Should you do the Scaled Division in the CrossFit Open & Why?

Today we delve very briefly into the other side of the open. Taking part, as prescribed (Rx) by CrossFit® HQ.  

As a side note: check out this article I wrote on bridging the gap between scaled and RX. It will give a bit of background on why Rx is a great thing to be working towards in your CrossFit® life.

Simplifying the Open.

The below is a powerful piece of information we have been updating yearly since 2017. It shows movements that have appeared in the CrossFit Open & the number of times it’s been seen, in descending order.

  1. Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring) – 11
  2. Double Unders – 10
  3. Toes To Bar – 10
  4. Thrusters – 10
  5. Wall Balls – 9
  6. Chest To Bar Pull Ups – 9
  7. Snatch (Full / Power) – 8
  8. Burpees (Bar Facing /Regular/Box) – 8
  9. Deadlifts – 8
  10. Clean (Power/Full/DB) – 7
  11. Box Jumps – 6
  12. Handstand Push Ups – 6
  13. Calorie Row – 6
  14. Overhead Squats – 4
  15. Shoulder To Overhead – 3
  16. Walking Lunges – 3
  17. Handstand Walks – 3
  18. DB Snatches – 3
  19. Clean & Jerk – 2
  20. Push Ups – 1
  21. Push Press – 1
  22. DB HC&J – 1
  23. Single Leg Squat – 1
  24. Front Squat – 1

Out of 20 total movements, only 4 have been included every year in the CrossFit® Open. They are double-unders, toes-to-bars, a muscle-up variation and thrusters.

You’ve signed up for the open. Should you do the Rx Division?

If you are regularly (for around two months) performing the Shapesmiths programming as Rx (as it is on WODify with recommended loading) you should be entering into the Rx division.

If you are consistently hitting Rx on some WODs, but missing a few things like consistent double-unders or Muscle Ups, know that the open can spur you on to great things. Back yourself. We will have plenty of  additional open prep in Shapesmiths Gymnastics class this Jan & February for the toughest movements in the open.

Also worth noting that, in previous years, participants in the CrossFit® Open have been given the ability to choose to do either the Rx, Scaled or Foundations for any of the workouts. In instances where a certain listed skill is really lacking, you should chat to your coach and plan together. Because we love to help.

Ultimately, if you are still really not sure, you should drop us a WhatsApp message (02032021004) or chat in person. We will be able to tell you straight away.

Love you all. Hope this information helps!


If you want to join us at Shapesmiths for the 2022 CrossFit Open, or want to start your training for the 2023 CrossFit Open, contact us below!

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Should you do the Scaled Division in the CrossFit Open?

CrossFit Open scaled pullups

The scaled division’s purpose in the CrossFit® Open is to increase participation in fun events at the gym and bring you all, our TRULY wonderful community, together at Shapesmiths. 

The Open also fits right in as one of our ‘Benchmark days’, which you all have taken part in already.  The workouts for the CrossFit Open will be similar to those you have ALREADY done at Shapesmiths. The only difference is, late February through March, we will run ‘heats’ all day on Saturday so you can complete the workout, you’ll have fitness friends that count reps FOR YOU and have a bit of a social throughout the day and afterwards. It’s a brilliant laugh and a great way to meet people!

What type of movements will you be asked to do in the Scaled division?

In short, you won’t be asked to do anything that we haven’t already programmed for you.

Below is a list of everything that has ever come up and also the weight for barbell movements. If you can do the below, you won’t get stumped.


  • Hanging knee raises
  • Single-Unders (Single skips with skipping rope)
  • Burpees (we know you all love these)
  • Jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups (standing on a box, you can use your legs as much as you want to jump up and touch your chest on the pull up bar)
  • Hand release push-ups: (lay fully on floor, take hand off floor, return to the top of a plank with hands on the floor, body in line, anyhow)
  • Scaled mini wall walks.
  • Bear Crawls.
  • Jumping Jacks.
  • Lateral Jumps.


You need to be able to 1-2 reps of each of the following.

  • Deadlifts Men 40kg/Women 25kg.
  • Snatches* Men 40kg/Women 25kg.
  • *ground-to-overhead/clean and push press allowed
  • 10 Push Press Men 40kg/Women 25kg.
  • 10 Cleans Men 50kg/Women 35kg.
  • Thrusters Men 30kg/Women 20kg.
  • Front-rack lunge Men 20kg/Women 15kg.
    Power snatches Men 20kg/Women 15kg.


  • Wall-ball shots 20/14lb to a 10/9ft target
  • Row (calories)
  • A couple of Dumbbell Snatches, Cleans & Thrusters with 15KG Men/10KG Women

So, if you would like to get involved in the CrossFit open, but you are wondering if even the scaled open won’t be ‘scaled enough’ for you, you now have some insight into the standards you will need to take part.

NEW THIS YEAR (and last) is a Foundations level, below scaled. This makes it truly inclusive! There will be something for everyone! And of course if you can’t decide between scaled and RX, here’s what you should expect in the RX division.

Give it a go. You honestly won’t regret it. It’s an amazing time of the year where you really get to give it your all among such positive people that really want to see everyone simply do the best they can. Plus, we will have some treats for after each WOD.


With Love,


If you’re interested in learning more about how to scale CrossFit workouts to best fit your abilities, contact us below!

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10 things we love. When our members…

We think that our amazing community does a stellar job of helping the coaches and management maintain our arches and help day to day to keep things running smoothly. Below are 10 of the things that we especially love when we see them.  We love when our members…

  1. Come in knowing what the context of the day is (Practice, Benchmark, Resilience). This makes sure we are all on the same page. If you come in a little sleep-deprived to a benchmark day, that’s totally OK.  Just let your coach know what’s going on in your life and we can make a game-time decision on what’s best. If you would like some help with sleep & nutrition, pH Nutrition, lead by Liam Holmes, run the pH Hub, which is a one stop shop for all your nutrition needs. 
  2. Bring the correct gear in their gym bag. It’s great to see lots of members are educated on correct footwear (Flat soled shoes like a Metcon or Nano) and some sort of gymnastic grips to protect their hands.  We would also recommend that you have a skipping rope set up for yourself too! They are a bit like wands in Harry Potter 😉  If you have none of those things and are unsure of the correct footwear, grips or rope comment below this post.
  3. Wait until all members are done before starting to pack away their kit. It’s the worst thing to be finishing a workout, working as hard as you can and the rest of the class is cleaning and chatting it up. When we see our members offer up some gentle encouragement it warms our hearts! Obviously, two caveats to this are that some may not want/need the encouragement and sometimes the coach may have given specific instructions for a cleanup.
  4. Wear clean clothes and deodorant. We sweat a LOT at Shapesmiths. Very easily clothing can pick up smells, especially some technical apparel. So we appreciate everyone that wears clean clothes and wears deodorant/antiperspirant to keep the place smelling so fresh and so clean-clean. 
  5. Cancel classes with enough notice: This is especially awesome as it opens up precious spaces for other members keen to train that day. The notice required is 2 hours for ANY class AFTER 9AM and before 10PM the night before if attending a morning class BEFORE 9AM.  
  6. It used to be that we would love you to help clean up everyone else’s equipment. Right now we LOVE that you all clean your own kit and pop it away nice and neatly.  This is a beautiful thing and it keeps one another safe. 
  7. When you clean up any chalk you spill on the floor. It’s so considerate and it helps keep our facility super clean! You can grab the Dyson vacuum from Arch 5 cupboard to eat up all the dust. Vinegar spray goes on afterwards if there’s no class in the Arch within a couple hours.
  8. Book in and sign in to open gym. It’s so great when we can track who is using the gym. Bonus: we love when you check if there’s a cleaning bucket with Virucidal solution in ready to use. A few of you have been asking how to fix one up. We are so happy to show you. It’s now part of your open gym duties if you have requested access.
  9. When members are booked into one class per day. If we find that members have two bookings per day it’s usually either an accidental double booking or folks are super keen to overdose on CrossFit. Now, we love training too but we generally recommend 1 class per day or that you double-check your booking on WODify by going to MENU > CLASS SCHEDULE > SELECT ‘ALL PROGRAMS’ and take a quick scan down the list to see if you are marked GREEN on more than one class. 
  10. Above all, we love you all have fun and play. We love it when everyone is learning, challenging themselves and having fun. Simple as that. The more smiles and laughs the better.