Engine Programming Update!

Coach Vicky has been devising some amazing workouts that will boost your Engine, endorphins and energy in 45-60mins! Remember, Engine is still CrossFit®. We just press the simplification button when it comes to some of the skills (i.e. no barbells, or high skill gymnastics).

Heads up, the next 6 weeks we will be focusing on:

  • developing sustainable and repeatable efforts throughout the Engine program practice days.
  • in real terms this means learning by feel what pace you can move at sustainably for a number of movements and machines.
  • Single arm focus, with DBs & KBs to get ready for the open. If you haven’t seen, KBs are on the equipment list this year! The single arm focus is also great for those of you that want to increase shoulder stability!
  • Machine focus is on shorter sets of calories.
  • EMOMs with some skills like Wall Walks, Box Step Up footwork & Double Unders. The EMOM format allows us to keep quality movement as our priority so that we can express that quality eventually through Benchmark workouts.
  • A few repeat Benchmark workouts like Duloc which is a machine and single arm workout that will test our practice day work!
  • Time domains will tend to stay on the higher side, so 30mins of Engine CrossFit®.

Also, a heads up that over the next few weeks some evening Engines will start to transition to 545PM/630PM/715PM.

Happy Fitness-ing!