So you’re doing the CrossFit Open, Rx?!

Box Jumps in the CrossFit Open

Earlier this week I shared the article: Should you do the Scaled Division in the CrossFit Open & Why?

Today we delve very briefly into the other side of the open. Taking part, as prescribed (Rx) by CrossFit® HQ.  

As a side note: check out this article I wrote on bridging the gap between scaled and RX. It will give a bit of background on why Rx is a great thing to be working towards in your CrossFit® life.

Simplifying the Open*.

The below is a powerful piece of information we have been updating yearly since 2017. It shows movements that have appeared in the CrossFit Open & the number of times it’s been seen, in descending order.

  1. Muscle Ups (Bar or Ring) – 11
  2. Double Unders – 10
  3. Toes To Bar – 10
  4. Thrusters – 10
  5. Wall Balls – 9
  6. Chest To Bar Pull Ups – 9
  7. Snatch (Full / Power) – 8
  8. Burpees (Bar Facing /Regular/Box) – 8
  9. Deadlifts – 8
  10. Clean (Power/Full/DB) – 7
  11. Box Jumps – 6
  12. Handstand Push Ups – 6
  13. Calorie Row – 6
  14. Overhead Squats – 4
  15. Shoulder To Overhead – 3
  16. Walking Lunges – 3
  17. Handstand Walks – 3
  18. DB Snatches – 3
  19. Clean & Jerk – 2
  20. Push Ups – 1
  21. Push Press – 1
  22. DB HC&J – 1
  23. Single Leg Squat – 1
  24. Front Squat – 1

Out of 20 total movements, only 4 have been included every year in the CrossFit® Open. They are double-unders, toes-to-bars, a muscle-up variation and thrusters.

*2021 data.

You’ve signed up for the open. Should you do the Rx Division?

If you are regularly (for around two months) performing the Shapesmiths programming as Rx (as it is on WODify with recommended loading) you should be entering into the Rx division.

If you are consistently hitting Rx on some WODs, but you’re missing a few things like consistent double-unders or Muscle Ups, know that the open can spur you on to great things. Back yourself. We will have plenty of  additional open prep in Shapesmiths Gymnastics class this Jan & February for the toughest movements in the open.

In instances where a certain listed skill is really lacking, you should chat to your coach and plan together. Because we love to help. Remember, we can help with specific advice when we know the workouts, which are kept secret until the Thursday evening, prior to Shapesmiths Super Saturday!

Participants in the CrossFit® Open have also been given the ability to choose to do either the Rx, Scaled or Foundations for any of the workouts out of the three weeks.  Scores will still contribute to the leaderboard no matter which variation you choose.  In terms of your leaderboard rank here’s how it works: if you performed one Rx workout, and two scaled workouts, you would just rank lower than someone who completed two Rx and one scaled etc. 

Also worth noting that CrossFit® Open workouts are there to literally Benchmark and give a snapshot of your fitness for 2023. Lets take the example of the following workout:

12:00 clock to perform 3 rounds of 10 x 120KG DLs, 15 Burpees over bar, AMRAP Muscle Ups in remaining time.

If you are able to perform the three rounds and have 5mins left for MUs thats your time to either try and get your first Muscle Up if you are close, or if we know its not happening that day we record where you got to and time it took you (tiebreak), then we switch to something you can do, like Chest to Bar, Pull Ups, Jumping Variations so we can maintain the intent of the workout.  That way you get some data, have taken part in the open and you have had a top workout!

Ultimately, if you are still really not sure, you should drop us a WhatsApp message (02032021004) or chat in person. We will be able to tell you straight away.

Love you all. Hope this information helps!


If you want to join us at Shapesmiths for the 2023 CrossFit Open, or want to start your training for the 2024 CrossFit Open, contact us below!

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