What does R.A.M.P mean in the Shapesmiths WOD?

Have you ever wondered what the R) AM) P) section means when you read the screens for your daily workout? Well, wonder no more!!

Since day 1, in 2016, Shapesmiths have used the RAMP warm up system to give unique structure our workouts. We use it to ensure that everything has method and thought behind it so we can maximise your time spent in the gym!

In short here’s the lowdown on what RAMP stands for!

  • Raise – Increase muscle temperature, core temperature, blood flow, muscle elasticity and neural activation.
  • Activate – Engage the muscles in preparation for the upcoming session
  • Mobilise – Focus on movement patterns which will be used during the game.
  • Potentiate/Perform – Gradually increasing the stress on the body in preparation for the upcoming competition/session.

If you would like to read more and geek out further, check the below blog!

What is the RAMP warm-up?