Programming: What’s coming up in Strongman & Gymnastics!?

Coach Sean has been programming some brilliant workouts for you all. Remember Strongman/Strength Class is on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 630pm & 730pm, CrossFit® Gymnastics is 530pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 515pm & 615pm on Fridays with another on Saturday at 1230pm! Lots on offer!

Here’s whats coming up!

Strongman/Strength Class

The next 6 weeks we will be focusing on:

  • A Jefferson Squats/anti-rotation theme, which will prepare for a really fun and unusual lift called the Steinborn squat!
  • Along the same theme we will have Farmers Carry Deadlifts, which will include some single arm variation and a big challenge to your trunk muscles.
  • KEG lifting – we will start to slowly increase loading. The practice sessions that we have with the Kegs are there to prep us for a Key Strongman benchmark called KEG STAND.
  • Exercises with the brand new SLEDS that we have purchased to change things up!
  • Atlas stone in more typical CrossFit® style workouts.
  • Some GREAT Benchmark workouts to watch out for: ‘The Sled Walk’ looks simple, but is a strength endurance burner, ‘Partner Double DT’ with Axle Bar, ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ which funnily enough includes the Atlas Balls!

CrossFit® Gymnastics Class

The next 6 weeks we will be focusing on:

  • Specific CrossFit® Open preparation is our main focus! We know what tends to come up over the three weeks of the CrossFit® Open see here: and so we will be sticking to the basics to help you develop any weaknesses you may have in the gymnastics realm.
  • In the main workouts of this program we will see gymnastics paired with some simple movements to create some interference. What is unique in this block is we will be introducing choose your own adventure style workouts, where you have the option (coach led) to prioritise either gymnastics or the interference aim. This is carried through from our CrossFit® program. 
  • Reminder: Wednesday & Friday gymnastics sessions are the same workout, Thursday & Saturday are also similar. This is so we can get a larger amount of you exposed to the themes!

Thanks for reading, folks! See you in class!