CrossFit® Programming Update Nov’ 2022

Read on for your programming update on what to expect over the coming 6-weeks in the Shapesmiths CrossFit® program! 

Following on from the previous 6-week block, as promised we progress the paused squat work that develops positional awareness into squatting at higher percentages.  If percentages aren’t working for you on any particular day, we simply turn them into an RPE rating. So 80% becomes an 8/10 effort/rate of perceived exertion level.

The next six weeks include plenty of barbell. Expect, Deadlifts, Push Press, Split Jerk and more.  You’ll also see bodyweight pressing, including more wall facing handstand push ups (HSPUs), Burpees (as we get closer to the CrossFit® Open, in February 2023) and even the Wall Ball Shot will feature and have great carryover to your pressing!

An old saying in CrossFit® is ‘everything is everything’ and it certainly is when it comes to movement patterns in CrossFit® benefiting each other via the universal motor recruitment pattern.

Some further themes:

  • We are always programming for GPP at Shapesmiths with our CrossFit® program: This is what we call Classic CrossFit® with our own Shapesmiths spin.
  • Box Jump/Step Up variations again for CrossFit® Open prep.
  • Machine work (Bike, Ski, Row) with big chunks of cals and various intervals to learn how to manage, pace and master.
  • Some heavy days where the focus changes slightly to lifts, but intensity remains high.

Read more why we program heavy days at Shapesmiths here;

Further themes (which have also been consistent in every program block since 2016) include covering off seven key ways the body moves, each week:

Squat – Hinge- Push & Pull – Flex & Extend – Rotate & Twist – Run – Jump

We build around these seven themes with classic CrossFit® exercises, like the ones mentioned above, to make several couplets, triplets, chippers and more!  It’s how we get you so fit!


Ever wondered what R)AM)P) sections of our warm up stand for? Read all HERE!

Happy Wodding, fitness friends!!