Skipping Ropes and Choosing yours.

If you are new to CrossFit® there’s two accessories that have the potential to speed up your progress. 1. A flat soled pair of shoes (Nanos, Metcons, No Bull, Inov8, Vans etc) and 2. your own skipping rope. 

The shoes are a cinch. Head to Whatever it Takes near St. Pauls, London or order a bunch in your size online, try them on and see what you like. As long as they have a stable base, a flat sole and feel like they fit your feet well when you lunge, squat and jump you can’t really go far wrong.  The rope, however, seems to be a bit trickier. 

If we press the simplify button and K.I.S.S this jump rope problem, you need your own rope to be suitable for your arm length and your height. How do you achieve that? Grab your own ADJUSTABLE rope from Amazon that fits your budget, have a small screwdriver and pair of snips ready and get to skipping, testing the correct length via trial and error. 

Snip off a little at a time and you’ll soon have a rope you can throw in your kit bag and whip out (pun intended) when there’s skipping in the WOD at Shapesmiths.

It’s such a great investment and serves to be an amazing portable fitness tool that can form part of a workout, anywhere you have the space! 

Basic Brands: 

Consider these to dip your toe in before buying an expensive £30+ rope:

5£ or less:  or

5-10£ range:

10-20£ range:

Popular Brands: 

Rx Smart Gear


By having your very own rope, customised for your body, you’ll be a skipping fiend in no time.