CrossFit® Shapesmiths Kids

We teach the importance of physical activity and help develop confidence & self-esteem, through fitness!
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In CrossFit® Kids, we teach transferable life skills, working as part of a team and giving those that are not keen on the traditional sports (football, rugby, netball etc) another potential outlet to have fun and find something they are good at.

CrossFit® will naturally improve your child’s overall fitness, teach better movement mechanics, build leadership skills and also optimise a foundation of skills needed in other sports.

Each class will consist of: a fun warm up, learning new skills, building foundational movements in a short workout, & playing some fun games, let’s get these kids hooked on exercise!

If you are keen to get your kids started, get in touch today, by clicking Get Started and drop us a message via our Shapesmiths Business WhatsApp service!