Building Better Bones

An online fitness class for anyone who wants to improve their bone health, improve their balance, general fitness and wellbeing.

Building Better Bones is an online fitness class for anyone who wants to improve their bone health, improve their balance, general fitness and wellbeing.  Classes are HUGELY beneficial for those diagnosed with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia or Pregnancy Associated Osteoporosis, but also beneficial for those with other bone diseases or just worried about their bone health, around the time of menopause or after a cancer diagnosis or because of associated medications eg. steroids.
Classes are run in line with up to date exercise guidance and current research surrounding bone health. It is attended by folks at high, medium, low and no fracture risk so really is for anyone. You will be looked after by two fitness coaches with a scientific background in bone health and with over 30 years experience between them.

The exercises in class focus on the three major sites of interest including the wrist, the spine and the hips plus surrounding structures. You will learn how to move and exercise in a safe and effective manner to build better bones and improve your day to day life.

We will help you to reduce your risk of falling through balance training and we will focus on supporting you, no matter your fracture risk, with lots of modifications that focus on what you can do and also mentally and emotionally via our live classes and WhatsApp support group.

Your first class is free, so sign up today for your Free Trial and we will be in touch. What’s more, for July & August 2020 we are offering two weeks free trial of Building Better Bones, you will have FREE access to all classes that run Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1PM (GMT) for two weeks, so you can experience the progress.

For further information including, class schedule, how to obtain your Zoom link to the class, information on the instructors, what equipment you will need (which is hardly any other than a chair, a wall and some floor space to begin) and of course pricing options, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions Document: CLICK HERE 

Scroll down and you will find the button to click that shows our Free Trial Schedule. Do be sure to select a Building Better Bones (Osteoporosis Class) at 1PM on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY OR FRIDAYS.


We know joining your first class is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.

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