Plan the week, Zoom WODs & how they help.

We are 10 days deep into Lockdown 2.0 and we really are here to keep you moving.

We have a number of programs online led by our lovely coaches, that we would love for you to get involved with. But first, we have a few recommendations on how best to set up your week with our offerings.

Set up for a great week!

  1. Pick the classes that you will do each day, a couple days or a week in advance. You can choose a mix of Live WOD classes and Broomstick Weightlifting with Yoga, Mobility, Running, Cycling & Handstand Sessions either Live or on catch up. 
  2. If you have planned your movement for the week you will be able to work in your food to fuel and recover which is super important. This will have huge carry over to your work productivity too and most likely will reduce decision stress. Which sounds pretty good to us. Stuck for ideas on what to cook? Check out pH Nutritions recipes and tips here:
  3. Set yourself little goals and targets for the week. For example: Basic: Aim to run twice per week Advanced: Aim to run 15-20km next week. Cover off Coach Mark’s Cycling challenge. Attend two online zooms next week. Complete two mobility sessions with Karima and JJ.
  4. Finally remember, that it’s OK to do just a little bit of the above. The goals that you set should be personal and should not be too overwhelming. It could even be that you will get up at a regular wake time each day or simply  cook enough dinner to have it for lunch the next day too.

How will the Zoom WODs help me?

In our programming we utilise ‘Functional Movements’ that have huge carry over to many other movements. These are technically described as ‘Universal Motor Recruitment Patterns’. The best way to explain this is that Universal Motor Recruitment Patterns are elemental, they are the primary colours of movement.

The 7 foundational primary colours of movement we use are:

  1. Running
  2. Jumping
  3. Pushing & Pressing
  4. Pulling
  5. Squatting
  6. Flexion and Extension
  7. Rotating & Twisting

So, by keeping these ticking over and improving during the next few weeks you will come back to the gym and be able to ease in a lot quicker.  We have the CrossFit open coming up (commencing Feb 18th ‘21) so maybe this will help some of you stay super switched on.

Have faith, DB snatches will transfer to your barbell snatch. Handstands will transfer to better mobility and catch positions for any of the jerk movements, push press, or OHS. Burpees will transfer to your deadlifts. The list goes on.  When December 2nd comes around it won’t take much work to get familiar with the barbell and rig once more.

Have an awesome week, everyone! Hopefully see you online!