How it all works: Shapesmiths Coaching & Programming Part I

This brief series of posts will cover the context behind our programming structure. Doing the common, uncommonly well is something that we strive daily to achieve. This is how we translate this philosophy into our daily programming and coaching.

The 7 foundational movement categories that we work with as athletes are:

  1. Running
  2. Jumping
  3. Pushing & Pressing
  4. Pulling
  5. Squatting
  6. Flexion & Extension
  7. Rotating & Twisting

Every iteration of the above must be developed in a specific order. We must first develop the correct and safe movement pattern. Second we must develop a consistent, replicable and effective movement pattern before finally allowing an individual to add intensity.

Movement, Mechanics, Intensity is our mantra.  It should be yours too.

This means that our coaches must modulate the learning process. The coaches job at Shapesmiths is to slow you down, promote perfect practice and control intensity, until you are able to do it for yourself.  A pinch of patience and persistence is needed here.

It helps to remember that Olympic athletes that compete in just one discipline, sprinting in a straight line for instance, are never done with that ONE movement. In CrossFit® we combine 50+ movements over the course of a month and deliver them to you with only a little coaching each week.

In short this means PRACTICE is the priority of all our athletes and explains why the workouts at Shapesmiths are made up of 60% worth of Practice days. Remember, mastery only comes with exposure and time.

The next installment will give you further insight into the way the programming is structured to get you ready for the greatest community builder in the world of CrossFit®, The CrossFit® Open…