Which class should I go to & What’s the difference between the types of classes on the schedule?

Each class and its specific programming is written to complement one another. Fitness is our aim and coaching is our game, so it doesn’t matter which one you get into, either way, we will push your fitness and you will learn something new. 

What’s the difference between the types of classes on the schedule?

WOD: The “WOD” is the “workout of the day.” Each week the daily WODs are posted to our app (WODify), and it’s part of a complete program designed to improve strength and conditioning. The WOD can be scaled (adjusted) to provide a suitable challenge for athletes at any level.

You will be coached through a warm-up, skill preparation for all elements of the days WOD, then finally we will hit the workout.

Engine WOD: This is largely a barbell free class. In a very useful & easy format, you will develop three things. 1) you cardiovascular conditioning (Engine) 2) the ability to recover from high-intensity exercise 3) simple weighted and unweighted exercise technique that we use in CrossFit. This is accessible to all levels.

CrossFit Skills: Is a class that spends extra time developing some of the more complex exercises that we use in CrossFit. The better you become at skills the fitter you can become in the long run.

Olympic Weightlifting: A barbell based class that refines the technical aspects of Olympic-style weightlifting.  The class is again open to all levels. It is fronted by Evelyn Stevenson, who is 2x British Champion. As with all of the above, the Olympic Weightlifting program complements the main WOD programming.

Personal Training: Can be taken up with our coaches at any point at any level of fitness. Personal training is a great tool to increase the learning curve and gain more CrossFit experience, quickly. 

Additionally, you should check out the HOW TO START CROSSFIT resource. You may find some useful information there also.